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Incorporating video into your business website is an important tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Video is proven to boost brand awareness. Video allows you to engage your customers and make a more personal connection. Video is an excellent opportunity to grab your customer’s attention and make a lasting impression. Call CMPI today to discuss how we can help you get video onto your website.

Why You Should Use Video on Your Website

Video Provides Branding

Video reinforces your brand and communicates large amounts of information about your business. Video helps to clearly establish your company’s personality and shows how you are different.

Video Communicates Easily

Watching a video is easier than reading a bunch of text. Complex ideas can be demonstrated and understood quickly. Viewers are also more likely to click on a video than to scroll through pages of text with the same information.

Video Engages Your Customers

Video encourages people to stay on your website and listen to your message. Video keeps people’s attention.


Video Improves Search Rankings

Search engines pay attention to video content. Adding descriptive titles and captions are helpful to viewers and catch the attention of search engines. Videos used on your site can be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube to increase visibility on the web.


Video is Multi-Purpose

Video can cover a diverse range of topics and ideas. It can demonstrate how to use a product and it can deliver a message about your business. Video can be almost anything you want.

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